about the artist

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In this group of paintings, I want to express the wonder I feel when I see a beautiful landscape.

An actual rendering would not capture all the emotion, memories and experiences brought to that moment.

By juxtaposing contrasting colors and pushing them to a great intensity I hope to recreate the vibration of that first flash of awareness.



Winter Vines
van Gogh Does Livermore
Walnuts & Grapes
Olive Trees
Vineyard at Sunset
Valley at Sunset
Fall Trees
Mt Sainte-Victoire
Vineyard Triptych
September Vines *
Diptych (Giclee)
Egrets at Daybreak*
October Vines* (Digital Watercolor)
All the above painting are acrylic unless otherwise noted
There is some x-referencing by subject and process when related.
Some works are available as giclee prints* where noted.
Inquiries welcome. Please contact the artist.