The Unlimited Possibilities of the Human Spirit

An Exhibit of Diversity, Community, Humanity and Environment


Nova Starling's
"The Unlimited Possibilities
of the Human Spirit

through a collection of original portraits and personal interviews, along with stories of each individual's process and achievements, explores what inspires and keeps them focused on their journey.
Imagery, audio and video create a path towards understanding and appreciating the value of





and can motivate others who will find the further resources to action helpful.


Portrait Project

I am in the process of painting a group of portraits that will become a traveling exhibition to be viewed in museums, corporations, schools and universities. The men and women included represent just a few of the many cultures that make up our country. They are individuals who have demonstrated their clarity of vision in careers that have made, or are making, a positive impact on the human condition.

The spirit of our time is often confused with unbalanced publicity given to the dark side of human nature. This exhibition is meant to weight the balance in favor of wisdom and compassion. The exhibit might be called inspirational; however, it is the viewer who brings his or her ability to resonate with the work. And it is at the burning point of awareness that they become in charge of creating a new future. One of the exhibit's aims is to validate the feelings of young viewers, who are starting to imagine their future careers or who are perhaps at a crossroad on their educational path. In a larger sense, the theme of the exhibit is to highlight the positive force of the spirit of principled men and women who have had the strength and conviction to follow their personal vision.

A poster and banner exhibit will be available to schools, libraries, universities and corporations and provides website links for in-depth background study of the personalities included in the exhibit, educational material links, resources and volunteer organizations for those interested in making a difference.


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