The Unlimited Possibilities of the Human Spirit

An Exhibit of Diversity, Community, Humanity and Environment

N Scott Momaday

3' x 4' Acrylic on Canvas "Maya Lin, Merging History, Process and Their Legacy"
© Nova Starling 2020


Maya Lin

Artist's Comment

Maya mentioned in her book Boundaries, that she "sculpts the earth." I liked that image and decided to put her in a position of scupting the earth on a large scale suggesting the impact her work has had around the world. Maya created a park in Grand Rapids, MI that had to do with the three phases of water. In the design, the ice skating rink was shaped like the ripple of a drop of water on a pond. Ripples on the edge formed the bleachers. Fiber optics were used to create the constellations in the skies beaming through the ice. The metaphor in my image is that the actions of just a single person can ripple through the universe.


The painting's background was inspired by an illustration of the Orion Nebula found on the NASA site. Native American image looking over Cililo Falls is from an old photograph. In the paintng he views Maya's work to tell their story and loss of livlihood with the creation of the Dalles Dam.


The Orion Nebula is 1,500 light-years away, the nearest star-forming region to Earth. It is a grand stellar nursery of new forming stars. Actual photos as seen on the Hubble and NASA sites combine images taken through three separate filters, each designed to record different emission lines - light from sulfur, oxygen, and hydrogen atoms glowing in the tenuous nebular gas.



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