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Frederick A Murphy


"...pushing back the envelope and saving the world. I hope a few of you... will choose careers that will affect the the future of our civilization...Mega-challenges facing future generations-food, shelter, energy, environment, health etc. If we are to deal with such challanges, which are of such great complexity then some of you are going to have to step up and take over. I hope one of you wins a Nobel Prize."*

*University of Guelph, Ireland, Commencement Speech



"Protecting Humanity"

"As an internationally acclaimed authority in comparative virology, Dr. Murphy is a pioneering researcher, respected advisor in health policy and outstanding spokesperson for the veterinary profession, which has led to his unparalleled contributions to veterinary medicine," Joan C. Hendricks, Penn Vet dean, said. "We are proud to recognize his vast and impressive achievements with this year's (2009) Penn Vet World Leadership Award."

"Murphy has made significant contributions that benefit society and advance the veterinary profession through his research work on viruses impacting animals and humans. In addition, he has highlighted the critical importance of new and emerging diseases of animal origin as the major cause of these new illnesses, and he has provided leadership at national and international levels, all the while mentoring and teaching young scholars.

His previous appointments include dean and professor of virology at the University of California, Davis; director of the National Center for Infectious Diseases at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention; and associate dean of research at Colorado State University.

Murphy's greatest impact on the future of the veterinary profession is expertise in infectious disease. In particular, he has played a leadership role in viral pathogenesis and has articulated clearly the role of animal pathogens in new and emerging diseases."*

*Penn Vet News Release 2009

Dr. Murphy pioneered the use of electron microscopy in the field of virology and produced the first electron micrograph of the Ebola virus in 1976.

Dr. Murphy has continued to be a voice of caution against the threat of new and re-emerging infectious diseases, even during periods when many medical scientists thought them effectively conquered.

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